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What We Do

Here at Bridge NI, we aim to deliver positive and engaging opportunities to women across Northern Ireland who are struggling, and assist them in resolving any problems which are having a significant negative impact on their life. 

We offer them a professional, personalised, and completely confidential meeting to help them to determine the best course of action in dealing with their circumstances.

Alongside this, we also offer further free services with the aim of improving their mental health, well-being, and pushing them to achieving their full potential. We hope to ensure that all women feel recognised and respected, by others, but most importantly, recognised and respected by themselves. 

Bridge NI is a registered charity based in Northern Ireland (108154).

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Recognising a Need 

All women, at some point in their lives, will become overwhelmed with challenges outside of their control. Whether it’s financial difficulties, bereavement, separation from a partner, bullying, stress, or anything which can create a lasting feeling of helplessness or despair. Often these challenges can occur at a crucial point in a woman’s life, where they find themselves needing help and support, before the issues escalate out of control. At Bridge NI, we strive to provide support to the women who seek our help by assisting them through any kinds of difficulties affecting their lives.  We do this by providing professional advice, counselling, or support services, from our volunteers and staff to provide them with the framework to work through the difficulties which they are facing.

As well as this we suggest engaging with our wider community events, meet-ups, and walking tours, organised all over Northern Ireland, allowing all involved to meet and engage with new people to help in the learning about, and rebuilding of, their self-esteem and wellbeing. 

Support Groups

Practical Help for Those in Need 

We provide constructive practical and personalised help for women facing any difficulties in her life, with the help of our well-trained volunteers.

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‘Build A Bridge’ Support Network

We have set up a series of guided ‘Build A Bridge’ support networks across Northern Ireland, which any woman who signs up may attend, that focus on managing your mental health and well-being, and allows the chance for everyone to communicate their feelings in a non-judgemental setting.

Interested in attending a support network near you? 

Snack Food

Helping the Vulnerable 

Providing the facilitation of donations made by the public for food and necessities for vulnerable (and their families) across Northern Ireland.

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Point of Access

At our main headquarters we provide access to a telephone and the internet, free of charge. No bookings, no fees.

We also provide assistance or information to anyone in need of help of any kind, provided we are given . 

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Three generations of women

Promoting Friendship

Interested in getting involved?

We always ensure to provide an environment which enables everyone to build lasting friendships between all involved in our growing community, particularly through our events and guided walking tours, to tackle loneliness, mental health problems, and low self-esteem, at their core. As well as providing personalised and constructive help to women struggling with a certain challenge or situation in their life.

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